Twin engined BSA special featured in the July ‘Automobile’ magazine

This months issue of the Automobile magazine features a seven page article on the recreation of the Wellesley Special, a twin engined machine made of two BSA trike FWD units coupled together to give a four wheel drive racing car. Martin Bell created the recreation of this sporting special which was the brain-child of teenager Richard Wellesley in 1936 / 37 and campaigned in various configurations into the late 1940’s.

The original Wellesley Special has dissapeared, possibly broken up for spares as a modified gear change and steering column that look like those used in the Wellesley  were found in the BSAFWD Club’s spares! But the article describes Martin Bell’s journey to recreate it and campaign it once again.

Its a well written article copiously illustrated with images of both the original special and the recreation. It is well worth a read for a glimpse into early FWD BSA sporting activities and also current efforts at VSCC events.