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     Peter Bowler Website    designer

This is a Summary of the Architecture and main Features of this new website 


This website uses “Ascent” as it’s theme, this allows a full-screen banner image, clear white menu area and extendable space

for content, the chosen Template is “Full Width”.

The Banner showing cars at Gaydon is now only shown on the Homepage to enable better viewing of the page content on the rest of the pages on this website


The following Club services are now transferred to Tables on the Database  items that can include images are Starred, Member Lists, Events, Adverts*, Drawings, Registry*, Car List, and Regalia*.
All registered members are able to view these services and will be able to add adverts as required, the proviso here is that ALL expired Adverts are flagged “Y” in the Archive column when the advert has expired, there is an Amend feature provided for this.
The Committee menu however is only available to Committee members  and includes both add record and amend record facilities for ALL the above services.


This website is protected against unauthorised access to private pages by “Wordfence” which will block any user who attempts to crash into the system
There are various levels of access to this site, Public access is unlimited with the exception of the Members pages, which are restricted to logged in members of this club,
Committee members are also allowed more privileges in order to update various pages such as Events, Adverts and the like, full unlimited access is provided for a limited number
of Administrators, both the Members and Committee menus are made hidden to Public access. although members are able to view registry information only our registrar has editing facilities
provided by password protected pages.


The main difference in the structure of this new website from the old one is that there are no folders and sub-folders containing the 100 or so pages.
Previously all pages were numbered (example:page12.php) now navigation is purely by name (Homepage)
The new hierarchy is based on parent and child pages, this means an uncluttered main menu where pages such as “Features” have a cluster of “Child” pages
attached and linked to it. In the  “All Pages”  list the status of any such pages is thus:   — Ralph Watson New Zealand Legend
the dash indicates this is a child page, there is one case in this structure where a child page has a sub-child this is Members Pages/Technical Articles/
thus: — — All About Steering on FWD Cars  (a double dash)
All images are in the folders: bsapic and pica, links to these pictures are:  parent and standalone pages:  /pica/someimage.jpg,   child pages: ../pica/someimage.jpg
and  child/child: ../../pica/someimage.jpg
The Adverts facility now has it’s own database table, with an entry form available for advert submission, again, this is open to discussion
reference members only etc.
Also the Events list and update form are now available, criteria as above, the Regalia list of items available is now database managed, and is being updated with all the items
currently available to club members. (a Paypal column is installed for possible future use)


Both membership applications and renewals can be made using paypal, follow the appropriate links.

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