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Joining the Club

To join the Club, please forward the amount shown against the joining fee and subscription fee. Membership runs from January to January. If you join mid-term, and subscribe for the remaining period and the following year, you may pay a pro-rata subscription for the first part-year.
Please note that members names and addresses will be held on a computer database for purposes of producing mailing details, membership lists etc. for use within the Club only.The Club is a UK Company Limited by Guarantee. As a member, your liability for the Club’s affairs is limited to £1.00
Full Membership available to those possessing any three or four wheeled vehicle registered for license purposes as a BSA
Associate Membership available for any other interested persons
We are not sophisticated enough to provide credit-card transactions, but we do have a Paypal account. Paypal allows you to use your debit or credit card to pay if you don’t have a personal Paypal account. Otherwise it’s a case of a good old fashioned cheque in the post, with your application form, we advise you not to send cash. If you are applying from outside the UK, banking charges for exchanging money mean also paying by cheque as the minimum bank fees can be almost as much as the subscription, so we request that payment from overseas members is made in sterling and by cheque with their membership number if known, written on the back.
This club has moved on from its humble beginnings in 1959. We have a membership of over 200 and living in almost every continent. The register details some 350 plus FWD BSAs and an increasing number of RWD cars. Cars new to the club continue to turn up both in the UK and overseas, and now the registry can be viewed on a strictly “Members only” basis, (see item below).
Club Services
The BSA FWD Club offers its members a comprehensive range of services including the provision of spares, technical information, a monthly magazine, professionally printed with photographs, and an annual rally programme, details elsewhere on this website.
Member’s pages on this website
The following services are available to all members of this club who login to private pages accessed by password (see below).
Access to registry information, to a range of illustrated technical articles, details of where to obtain new and used spares, an illustrated guide to all regalia items with an application form, and membership renewal forms etc. A database containing details of all the factory drawings the club posseses has been established this is now available within the member’s pages.
Every month a new password is published in the magazine, but to allow ‘overlap’ the previous month’s password is retained.
Spares Scheme
Any full member of the BSA FWD Club automatically becomes a member of the spares scheme providing access to a comprehensive range of new and secondhand spares. The annual subscription and membership fees contain an element that is allocated to the spares scheme to provide capital for the purchase of additional spares. The club owns the largest known collection of new spares, which has been built up from the spares of a former London stockist purchased by the club in 1972. Since then the club has purchased new spares as these have become available. The club has arranged the manufacture of new items including valves, pistons, exhaust manifolds, oil seals, head gaskets and front wings. In addition the club has undertaken the refurbishment of specific items such as transmission spiders and wheel carriers. For many years the club has adopted a policy of buying up secondhand spares as these become available. This has enabled many rebuilds to progress from collections of parts to concours winners. The range of secondhand spares offered by the club varies from week to week, but can often include complete engines, gear boxes, wheels, body panels plus countless smaller items. The club is fortunate to possess what is almost certainly the largest collection of original BSA manufacturing drawings for the FWD and RWD cars. The drawings, which number more than 5000, cover almost every aspect of the BSA FWD engine and chassis components together with a large number of assembly and body drawings which can be invaluable in helping with rebuilds. These drawings have provided a basis for the manufacture of new spares organized by the spares scheme enabling the club to produce exact copies of original parts
Technical Drawings
The club magazine often publishes technical articles and a selection of these has been collected together and turned into various issues of Technical manual, available from the regalia centre (see Regalia) and copies are available to club members. These range from details on comprehensive engine rebuilds to advice on the re- jetting of carburettors
Other Technical Services
The availability of formal information about BSA FWD cars is extremely limited but the FWD club has done much recently to fill the gaps in our knowledge. Club members have tracked down surviving company records and interviewed former BSA employees who were involved in the design and production of the various FWD and RWD produced at Small Heath between 1929 and 1939.

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