BSA FWD and RWD Spares

                                                                                                                                              BSA FWD and RWD Spares

The club is very fortunate to have an active new and second hand spares scheme. The spares scheme is run by club members for club members. We are able to arrange the manufacture of new items using the extensive collection of original drawings held by the club.

In a typical year we will sell just over £13,000 of new and second hand spares and purchase approximately £10,000 of new items. To give some indication of how much work the club does we have purchased nearly £120,000 of spares over the last eleven years and sold about the same amount. For a small one marque we work very hard to keep our cars on the road.

Our stock of second hand spares covers mainly FWD Trikes, T-9’s and Scouts but we do hold some RWD stock. The photographs below where taken in 2016 when the club moved the stores and gives an impression of just what we hold.

This is but a small selection of the spares

that we hold and yes you can see a trike chassis, eight gearbox cases and a selection of 9HP engine blocks. We will also purchase or exchange your surplus spares BSA FWD and RWD spares

Our new stock is equally extensive in range. The club was able in the 1970’s and 80’s to purchase the remaining new/old stock from two or three garages/stockist who still held BSA spares including Basil Roy’s who held a considerable amount of material. We have many high usage items such as gaskets, valves, valve springs, pistons, bearings and ignition parts. In addition the club has commissioned small batches of items such as drive couplings, drive shafts, differential bronze wheels, exhaust systems and bumper bars.

Note; All payments for spares should made are made to the BSA FWD Club Spares Account and should be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. We seek to avoid Paypal to avoid unnecessary surcharges.

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