The late F.Bruce-White and ‘All’t’cock’ were a well known sight during the period from the late fifties through to the nineties at VSCC hill climbs and similar events.
In order to comply with quite tough VSCC rules, this machine must only be fitted with parts that were available prior to 1930, the reason that our club is interested is that the front suspension and drive are for the most part BSA, (the BSA three-wheeler was launched at the 1929 show).
The power unit is a Douglas dirt-track air-cooled flat twin (capacity has varied from an initial 494c.c. through 746 to 820c.c.), This engine is right at the front, and drive is transferred to an Austin 7 differential (drive side to the rear of the car) by way of a lay shaft over this differential to an Albion four speed motor-cycle gearbox, then via a clutch and another chain back to the differential.
This system of chains provides the correct direction of rotation, dual inboard brake drums are grafted to the A7 output shafts, and the whole thing is then married up to BSA FWD wheel carriers. The BSA spring system has been changed slightly, in that one large wheel-to-wheel spring is employed on the top, whilst the bottom springs have a reduced number of leaves

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Frank Bruce-White and ‘All’t’cock’ waiting for the ‘off’ photo G.Skillen, circa 1995 H
A close look at the ‘works’, showing the engine and transmission as described above. photo G.Skillen, circa 1995 H
Frank Bruce-White and ‘All’t’cock’ waiting for the ‘off’ photo G.Skillen, circa 1995 H

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