The Stanton Special

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The Stanton BSA
A collection of pictures and information about a racing car that made use of BSA FWD components
This story has been a long time emerging, the main reason being that the car this is about was built on the other side of the globe,and quite a good few years ago. The Stanton brothers were, like the Glegg brothers who built Dorcas, mad keen about racing a car, but withouta very big budget.The Stanton Special is a BSA based racing car manufactured in the late 1940s.It was described in detail by Graham Skillen in an article about BSA Specials in the January 2005 issue of ‘Front Wheels’. Recently the following advertand photos appeared on a New Zealand motor auction website.

“Original BSA Stanton Special race car”

This car has a strong NZ motor racingconnection. This is an original 1930 BSA three-wheeler which was convertedto four wheels by the Stantons. This is powered by a two-cylinder 1080 cc Vtwin, three speed box, front wheel drive and goes extremely well (yes, it isdriveable!) There is too much information to list, so if you are genuinely interested in purchasing this car, please ring me on 03 3128 682. Also availableis the original rear third wheel assembly, if returning to three-wheeler. Obviously requires bodywork. NO BUY NOW. Auction only.Briefly, it was constructed soon after the war by the Stanton brothers ofChristchurch, from a trike owned by a Len Poore.
It was fitted with an Austin 7 rear end with transverse rear spring. It was quite successful, with class winsat various hillclimbs, and also a 3rd FTD. The car was owned by a VG Brownin the 1950s and was racing up until the early 1970s with a Lyie Chambers.Details from a book

“Historic race cars of New Zealand”.

This is one of the pictures that appeared in the advert
This is another
A shot of one of the Stantons in action
And another
This is an interesting recent development, New Zealander Damon Jacqui recently acquired this interesting car which was registered in 1981 by Maurice Stanton as a TW-21, and later owned by Barrie Gurdler.
it is not known whether or not this car is related to the original Stanton Special but Damon is doing some more research through his local VCC club.The car is aluminium skin over a tube frame with light weight rear tube axle.

Prepared by Peter Bowler

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