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BSAFWD Service Manuals

What about these Manuals?

Mike Scott-Coomber has produced a service manual for the BSA Front Wheel Drive Three Wheeler. The manual is also relevant to owners of BSA Front Wheel Drive Scouts and other front wheel drive cars as many share the same or similar mechanical arrangement. The contents are reproduced below. The manual includes extensive photographs and diagrams. Of course if you want to read the manual, you’ll have to buy a copy!

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Contents Issue 2 Vee twin & 4 Cyl Trike
SECTION 1 – General SECTION 6 – Tappets SECTION 12 – Hubs
The Manual & Acknowledgements Vee Twin Tappet setting Transmission & Steering
BSA Three Wheelers 4 Cylinder Tappet Setting Swivels
Models and changes SECTION 7 – Carburettors Universals
FWDC Members Services. Vee Twin set-up Re-Assembly
Tools and workshop equipment Mixture balance Spiders and Flex Couplings
Does and Don’ts Twin Carbs on Vee Twins Steering Box
Unleaded Petrol 4 cylinder set-up Track rods and Drop Arm Ends
SECTION 2 – Engine details Carb. Adjustments Steering Angle – (Castor)
Vee Twin Engine description and weak points SECTION-8 Distributors & ignition SECTION 13 – Suspension
Vee Twin modifications. Distributor fitting and timing V twin Front Springs
4 Cylinder Engine description and weak points Distributor fitting and timing 4 cyl Front Dampers
4 Cylinder Engine modifications. Ignition Coils Chassis Frame
SECTION 3 – Engine and Transmission strip Spark Plugs Rear Spring
Engine and Gear Box removal SECTION 9 Starter Motors and dynamos Rear Swinging Arm
Parting the gear box Fitting Starter Motors Rear Damper
Clutch removal and repair fittmg Dynamos Brake Setting
SECTION 4 – Vee Twin Engine SECTION 10-Gear Box & Diff Wheels/Tyres Stability
Vee Twin Engine Strip Gear Box and Differential Strip SECTION 14 – Electrics
Wear, to replace or repair? Wear, to replace or repair? Dynamos
Modifications Modifications Wiring circuits
Rebuild Engine Gear Box Assembly 12 Volt Conversions
SECTION 5 – 4 Cylinder Engine Diff Gear Box refitting Control boxes
4 Cylinder Engine Strip Gear Change rod fitting General Equipment
Wear: – to replace or repair SECTION 11 – Engine/Gear Box fitting General Wiring Diagrams
Modifications Engine & Gear Box install in frame SECTION 15 – Appendix
Exhaust systems Bearing Sizes and Types

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