AGM History

                                                              History of the AGM

The first AGM was in London—
When the club re-formed in the spring of 1959 the Committee all lived in or very close to London, therefore it seemed logical at that time to hold the inaugural meeting and the AGM at a convenient location in that city.
Thus the very first AGM of our club was held at the Priory Social Centre in Hornsey, North London, on October 24th 1959. The meeting was chaired by Roger Judge, with secretary Eddy Davies reading the minutes.
The most hotly debated item was the club magazine, as printing costs were 1/6d per copy and postage was £1 per issue.  A rise in membership fees was finally agreed, at 15 shillings for London members and 12/6d for those living in the country. Associates got away with 10 shillings, (for those of us too young to remember, 75p, 62½p, and 50p).
The same venue was chosen for 1960, Eddy Davies being elected Chairman after the resignation of Roger due to business commitments. However, in most of the early sixties, in an attempt to make the AGM into more of a social occasion, rooms over pubs were chosen, (including several at the good old “Eagle” in Farringdon Road), also film shows were held after these meetings. After some pressure from members living north of London it was decided to hold this important meeting at a more central location and the “Grand Hotel” in Northampton was chosen in October 1967, this also being the first one to include both a film-show and Dinner afterwards.
After many years at the “Grand”, and bearing in mind the problems of parking, the event was moved to the “Hyland Park Hotel”, where it remained until 1998.  We then moved to a more central venue in Coventry city centre and stayed there for several years before changing venue again to our current choice of the Golden Lion Hotel, Easenhall, Warwickshire.

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