Holly Run History

“Holly Run” history
The first Holly run was in December 1964—-
Peter and Audrey Bowler had moved into their first house (Amicus) in June 1964, and after a lot of (un) careful thought decided to invent a new rally for the club to take place near Xmas, this would be called the Holly Run, and the format would be to meet at Amicus, have coffee, then set out for the Holly mines of Kent, which were situated west of Sevenoaks at Ide Hill.
No-one can remember who suggested stopping at a pub on the way, it just, well, sort of—- happened!!.
In 1965 the first ever recorded multi-BSA shunt occurred, involving around five cars and three-wheelers, however none of them were rendered un-roadworthy, and damage was slight. (I might add that all this happened before the pub!!)
Over 28 years the format changed, as did the venue: No 10 Ferndene saw a few, then The Conifers saw a few more.By this time we met unashamedly at a pub, then ventured out into the woods (for Holly), and sometimes even managed to find some (more by good fortune than management).
The last 24 of the Kent Holly runs ended up at these various Bowler residences, and participants were sent on their way afterwards full of mince-pies and other goodies plus of course—-home-made barley wine, ( and one year–“redeye”, which turned peoples faces green!!).
1993 saw the first Holly run to be organised by Peter and Judy Cook at Guildford Surrey, and the event has gone from strength to strength ever since in these capable (and slightly more sober) hands.
Stewart Chamberlain and Holly, circa 1964.
photo Peter Bowler
Bob Neal up a Holly tree, 1964 Holly Run.
photo Peter Bowler.
Peter and Audrey Bowler, 1964 Holly Run.
photo Colin Bryce.
Brian and Lesley Grindrod, and the late Cyril Oakman, Holly run year unknown.
photo Peter Bowler
Line up of BSAs at a recent Holly run in Surrey
photo Peter Cook
“Talking about holly? or engines?, Peter Cook and the late Mike Scott-Coomber.
photo Anon

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