The 1912 BSA Tourer
The picture below has just come my way after a "browse"on the Internet, the car belongs to The Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery who have very kindly allowed me to use it on this web-site. The picture was very generously supplied via Theo Sturge, of The Sturge Leather Conservation Studio.
The leather in the car was cleaned. The splits were repaired, and the holes were filled with new vegetable tanned leather which was finished to match the original. Where the leather was scuffed, colour was added to tone these areas down. Finally, the leather was given a light polish with Renaissance Micro-crystalline Wax Polish. This is available in small quantities by mail order from Picreator Enterprises, should you wish to try it. Tel: 020 8202 8972. Theo Sturge.
Click here for The Sturge Conservation Studio

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