The Exeter Trial 2004

The Exeter Trial of January 2004

The 2004 “Exeter” was a resounding success, the weather was mild, the rain kept off for most of the day,there was good support for “our section”, and Simms was awesome and magnificient, as were the few that managed to climb it!!,however our section, seen here, was not quite so daunting!   (pictures by P.S.Bowler)


Jeff Calver and Marvin Hurst about to start the section,
with Peter Cook and Graham Skillen marshalling (and providing top-level support).
‘photo Beter Bowler
Really getting going—-
‘photo Beter Bowler
and heading towards Peter Weal and Jonathan at the stop and restart test
‘photo Beter Bowler
Strategy meeting chaired by
Graham, just before the
section openedwith
Peter Weal, Graham, Jonathan
Lines,Graham’s son Gordon,
Gordon’s wife Amani,and
on the extreme right the
MCC marshall for Simms
J. Travers
‘photo Beter Bowler
Graham and Peter awaiting the “all-clear” for the next competitor to start the section
‘photo Beter Bowler
Model A Ford, driven by Tom
and Di Threlfall from Winchester‘photo Beter Bowler
Another good old Ford, a model “Y”, driven by Ian Moss and Paul Earner from Stroud
‘photo Beter Bowler
A great old ‘thirties Morris,
driven in style by John Hayes
and Val Yates from Bristol,If
this sort of valuable vehicle can
enter this event and do well,
what is there to stopBSA
three-wheelers from “Having a go”??.
‘photo Beter Bowler
“I’m going right,
but I’d like to be going straight
on to Simms”Jeff turning into
Penhhales plantation
br>‘photo Peter Cook
PSB taking a ‘photo of
Peter Cook taking
a ‘photo ofJeff Calver- – –
(‘photo Peter Cook)
‘photo Beter Bowler

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