Three-Wheeler Pictures

1931 V-twin (No longer exists)
Non-pointed tail model. Alan Taylor’s father, 1948
1934 Four Cylinder
TW34-10 G.W.Holland
1936 Four Cylinder
Thought to be owned by N. Stone
1935 V twin
Thought to belong to N. Stone
1934 V Twin Coupe Conversion
Thought to be owned by S. Canevet (France)
1932 V-twin
Owned by B. Alexander (USA)
Ford engined Shown as owned by Martin Mackenzie
Photo taken at a Sprint in the seventies, highly tuned Ford Engine
V-twin Provenence Not Known
Overseas registration
V twin
Thought to be owned by N. Stone
V twin at speed
Thought to be registered overseas
V Twin unknown provenance
Immaculate V twin possibly overseas registered
1933 tw-33-10 V-twin
Was owned by the late Mike Scott Coomber possibly belongs to Peter Cook
V twin Unknown at present
Awaiting registry update
TW6-31 D.Nevill
Early V-twin from 1931
V Twin unknown provenance
Awaiting registry update
Family V Twin K. Hanna
Owned by Kells Hanna
Roy and Sandra Gillett at the 1969 Icknield Rally
The ex Martin Mackenzie Ford Powered Four Cylinder
Jeff Calver-- Exeter Trial
Jeff and his famous four cylinder waiting to tackle Simms
Registry says TW35-10 H.R.Groves (1244)
TW35-10 H.R.Groves (1244) Exeter Trial
Awaiting registry update on this four cylinder
Not known at present
Shown for sale at Bonhams
OW2867 28.3.33 shown as NK, Austria
TW35-10 H.R.Groves (1244)
Nice rural picture of a late model four cylinder Three Wheeler
TW32-6 D.G. Goodwin (1629)
Superb 1932 V twin
TK6538 3.7.31 TW31-6 was A. Cerf (1405,USA)
Looks like a Museum exhibit

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