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BSAs in Sporting trials



This is Jonathan Lines and Steve Hands on the Exeter in January 2008, ‘photo was taken on Jobbles Lane at 2.50 am, This intrepid pair were forced to retire a little later with a broken rear spring (six out of the seven leaves!!), however they are undeterred, and will have another go next year
Jeff Calver, on Simms, MCC Exeter Trial, which is probably the most difficult observed section on MCC trials, most entrants don’t even get this far!!!
Peter Bowler goes aquatic, spring rally/trial 1961
Jeff Calver, MCC Exeter trial, early seventies, possibly Fingle Bridge
Pete King and Hilary on Fingle bridge, first hairpin, 1972 MCC Exeter
Peter and Audrey Bowler and “Jenny Pod”, on “bluehills 2” winning a second class award, MCC Land’s end trial, 1968
Ian Pinkney navigates Peter Bowler to a third class award, MCC Exeter trial special test, 1969
Sid Rayfield breaks his differential on Bluehills 1, 1963 MCC Land’s End trial.
Jeff Calver waiting at the foot of Bamford Clough, MCC Derbyshire trial, seventies H
Colin Bryce navigates Peter Bowler on “Waterloo” MCC Exeter trial of 1962
Roy Gillette navigates Peter Bowler and Jenny Pod on “Waterloo” MCC Exeter Trial of 1967
Ian Pinkney navigates Peter Bowler on “Putwell 2” Derbyshire trial, third class award gained.
Peter Bowler and Ian Pinkney, “Haggside”, MCC Derbyshire trial, late sixties
Colin Bryce films and navigates Peter Bowler on “Litton Slack”, MCC Derbyshire trial 1962 (Motor Sport ‘photo) Veteran Sid Rayfield waits his turn, second from right.
Motor sport ‘photo of Jeff Calver, MCC Exeter Trial, seventies
Warren Hasel navigates Peter Bowler on “Hustyn”, MCC Land’s end trial of 1963

















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